'Lazy' Isle of Wight cow goes viral after pretending to be asleep to avoid being milked

  • Watch Doris pretending to be asleep (Credit: TikTok: @laurabrodie3)

A cow from a farm on the Isle of Wight has gained global attention after pretending to be asleep so she didn't have to be milked.

Doris, who lives at Reads Farm, was captured in a video having a lay in which has gone viral on TikTok.

Seconds before filming started, Doris had her head up and was looking right at farmer John who captured the moment.

He says she was being cheeky and is surprised at the attention she's received.

The video has got more than 1.5 million views on TikTok

Reads Farm is a family run business with a dairy herd of around 200 cows.

John Brodie said: "My wife uses TikTok much more than I do but sometimes she pops down to see me at work and takes the occasional video for social media and they always seem to prove popular.

"Doris is one of our favourite cows (we don't tell the girls we have favourites but it's hard not to). She's extremely friendly and has heaps of personality, she's very curious and inquisitive and seems to prefer our company to that of her herd mates.

"In the mornings whoever is in for milking, at this time of year until the cows can turn out for grazing, first cleans the beds by hand in the cubicle sheds and when we do this the cows know it's time to get themselves up and usually after a snack of their silage in the yard, will head on towards the milking parlour and wait there.

"Inevitably, there are a few stragglers, but on this particular occasion, Doris fancied a lay in. What isn't seen in the TikTok clip is that about 30 seconds before I got my phone out Doris had her head up and was looking right at me.

"Cows are creatures of habit and routine so she knew what time it was and she was the only one left in the barn so I know she was just trying it on, so decided to take the video because I knew she was just being cheeky."