Can you spot the error? Local residents in Sussex town left amused by glaring mistake

This leaflet left locals amused Credit: Karissa Thomas

If you receive leaflets through your letterbox advertising takeaways or cleaning services you may be inclined to throw them away without really studying them.

However, one pamphlet advertising broadband amused locals in one town in Mid-Sussex with a glaring spelling mistake.

The leaflet read “Hey! Burguess Hill! Gigafast broadband is just around the corner”.

Problem is, the town where they were delivered to isn’t Burguess Hill but…Burgess Hill.

The envelope had the town named correctly but the leaflet inside did not Credit:

The typo appeared to be repeated several times with residents publishing photos of the error on social media, despite the town being named correctly on the envelope.

One person asked, “Should we be impressed that the automatic spellchecker didn't write burgers bill”.

Another quiet liked the new name, “ooooh I think it sounds quite continental”.

And, in reference to road-related problems another comment said, “Maybe that’s where the pothole repair gangs have gone in error!”

The company, Hey Broadband, have been contacted for comment.