Surrey homeowner opens door to find chicken dumped outside as RSPCA issue appeal

The chicken was dumped outside somebody's house Credit: RSPCA

A chicken was dumped on a doorstep of somebody's house much to the shock of the resident at the property.

The cockerel was inside a cardboard box when the discovery was made in Bagshot, Surrey.

The bird was given some food and water and the RSPCA were called before it was taken in to a specialist facility.

Experts say he didn't show any injuries but was probably scared,

“This poor cockerel had been dumped like rubbish and put on someone’s doorstep to find, which was quite a shock for the person who lived there", said RSPCA inspector Leanna Hone.

"Thankfully, they were able to give the bird some food and water and contacted us and we took the bird to a safe place.

"He didn’t have any injuries and was in relatively good condition albeit probably a little scared after his ordeal. He’s doing well now and we will look to rehome him soon.

"Anyone with information is urged to contact the RSPCA’s inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018."

Calls are regularly received by the charity about dumped poultry with the cost of living and people not wanting males who are unable to lay eggs, as reasons for them being abandoned.

Leanna added, "Sadly, it isn’t uncommon for cockerels or hens to be abandoned. 

"We sometimes see increased demand for pet laying hens and we may be seeing this trend again, possibly in response to the egg shortages in supermarkets like we have been seeing recently, but once eggs are back on shelves then these hens become ‘surplus to requirement’."

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