Will it be rainy weather for Sunday's marathons in Brighton, Southampton and the Reading Half?

The Brighton Marathon is the 8th largest marathon in Europe Credit: ITV Meridian

Tens of thousands of runners will be pounding the pavements across the south on Sunday April 2nd.

Marathons are taking place in Southampton and Brighton and there is the Reading Half too.

While each event can count on many more supporters cheering on from the sidelines, they will also be hoping for a decent weather forecast.

ITV Meridian's weather presenter Philippa Drew predicts perfect weather conditions,

"Despite a wet March and a soggy start to this weekend, things are set to improve as we head into Sunday.

"After a cloudy start we'll soon see the April sunshine breaking through and with winds easing too it looks as though runners across the region will enjoy near-perfect race conditions."

It may be a frosty start but temperatures will get into double figures across the region.

Southampton looks set to be the warmest of the three locations with temperatures expected to reach 12 degrees.

So it's yes to running shoes but no to the umbrella. Hoorah!

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