Dog who ate 1kg of Cadbury Mini Eggs rushed to vets in Bournemouth

030423-charlie mini egg dog-PDSA
Vets had to empty Charlie's stomach completely after she ate 1kg of mini eggs. Credit: PDSA

A dog who ate a kilo of mini eggs and needed to be rushed to the vets, has prompted a chocolate warning from the UK's largest vet charity.

Labrador cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Charlie, gave her owners a shock when they found her with a chewed empty packet, which originally contained mini eggs.

The one-year-old had managed to jump the stair gate and get her paws on the chocolate.

Charlie had vomited five times at home, and continued to be sick during the short car journey to Bournemouth PDSA Pet Hospital.

Charlie waiting with her owner at the vets. Credit: PDSA

PDSA Vet, Clare Sparks, said: "We were suspicious that there could be even more chocolate left in Charlie’s stomach, so we gave her an injection to make her sick to empty her stomach completely, and she brought up lots more chocolate vomit."

As Easter approaches, the charity is issuing another warning that chocolate is toxic for dogs, cats and rabbits.

Clare added: "The seriousness of chocolate poisoning depends on how much chocolate your pet has eaten, how big they are, and the cocoa content of the chocolate – the darker the chocolate the more toxic it is for your pet."

Luckily for Charlie, vets said before she started to perk up again and she was able to head home to fully recover.