Gatwick Airport trialling new liquid scanners at security ahead of rule change

Credit: PA

A new trial underway at Gatwick Airport means that some passengers will not need to have their liquids screened separately when going through security.

New specialist technology is being trialled at the airport in one of the security lanes.

Bosses say it is in preparation for the government's deadline of June 2024 to roll out the technology across the airport.

However as this will not affect all passengers, anyone going through security will still need to make sure any liquids under 100ml are in a sealed bag.

A Gatwick Airport spokesperson said: “At present, the vast majority of passengers at Gatwick will experience security as normal, so should continue to follow all existing rules, ensuring they do not carry any liquids, gels, pastes, or creams of more than 100ml in their hand luggage.

"Any items below 100ml need to be placed in a transparent, resealable bag to be screened through security, while laptops, tablets, coats, watches and belts also need to be removed and placed in a separate tray.

“By being prepared, we hope to get passengers through airport security quickly, so they can go on and relax ahead of their flight, enjoy a drink or sit down for a meal.”