Are the heatwave rumours true? ITV weather presenter sets the record straight

People flock to the beach in Brighton during the past summer's heatwave. Credit: PA

It feels like the last spell of warmer weather was a lifetime ago but the good news is that things are FINALLY looking up.

After Storm Noa brought some seriously heavy winds with hail even falling in some parts on Thursday, there's just a few more days to go before things eventually get warmer.

But with rumours swirling around that we could be in-line for tropical-ish temperatures and speculation of a heatwave, just how hot will it actually be?

ITV Weather present Philippa Drew says, "After an unseasonably grey and wet March, April has offered hints of something a little more spring-like.

"While the last few days have seen a return of wetter, windier conditions it looks as though something significantly better could be just around the corner.

It's been a week of wild weather - this hail shower was recorded in Folkestone, Kent

"High pressure will build during the weekend, centering itself over Scandinavia and bringing a quieter spell of weather through much of next week. As a result there's good confidence in the forecast for something drier, brighter and warmer too.

"So just how warm are we talking? It looks as though afternoon temperatures should be comfortably into the mid- perhaps high-teens.

"Locally we could even creep towards 20 Celsius early next week. But it does come with some caveats... the spring months are notorious for large diurnal variations, this is the difference between the overnight minimums and daytime maximums.

"With that in mind, the early mornings will still be on the chilly side and the east coast will struggle with an easterly breeze bringing in air off the relatively cool sea."

So heatwave...not quite...but at least a lot more settled!