'I need to get to 68 albums, then I can beat Elvis': Donny Osmond on why he won't retire

Donny Osmond talks to Natalie Boare about his career and upcoming tour

"I have to go to 68 (albums) then I can beat Elvis, so that's my goal", says Donny Osmond.

The singer has sold 100 million records worldwide and made 65 albums but after six decades in the business, he's showing no signs of slowing down.

He's preparing to go on tour later this year across the UK and he's heading to Brighton and Bournemouth.

Donny says, "The UK is like my second home but this show in particular is a show that I can hardly wait for the audience to see because it's all inclusive. It's everything I've done in six decades of show business in one show."

Donny shot to fame with his brothers as part of The Osmonds in the 1970s Credit: PA

Donny Osmond shot to fame in the 1970s with his brothers as part of The Osmonds before going on to have a successful solo career.

When they first came to the UK they were so many fans turned out, a balcony collapsed at Heathrow Airport. Luckily nobody was hurt.

Donny says, "We were banned from Heathrow so the only way we could get into London was to fly into Scotland and get on a secret train down to London , that's how we could get in to the city, there was no other way, they wouldn't let us in. Those days were crazy days - that's when they coined the phrase 'Osmondmania.'

When asked how he remembers the words to all of his songs, Donny admits he sometimes forgets the words, "There's been times in Vegas the fans in the audience they'll kind of prompt me."

After working since the age of 5 Donny says reinvention is key to his long career. "I don't feel pressure to reinvent myself, it's just a necessity...in order to have a long career you cannot rest on your laurels."

"There's so many stand out moments because reinvention creates another peak and I've said this time and time again ... I do have the most loyal fans in the world."

Retirement isn't a word that Donny talks about, "So many times people ask me when are you going to retire... I don't know what retire means. I don't want to, because as long as I'm able to get on stage and able to sing and perform and there's an audience I will be there

Donny kicks off his UK tour in November.