Sussex artist creates life-size bust of King Charles made out of melted chocolate

Jennifer Lindsey-Clarke creates chocolate bust of the King

A confectioner from Brighton has used 17 litres of melted chocolate to create a life-sized bust of the King.

An expert team of chocolatiers and model makers carefully planned how to make the profile view of Charles look as close as possible to the image of him which will soon grace stamps, coins and bank notes.

The uniform Charles is expected to wear at the coronation is the same on the sculpture with the epaulettes embellished with a selection of different well-known chocolates.

It took more than four weeks to create and weighs 23kg.

Chocolate bust of King Charles

Chocolatier Jennifer Lindsey-Clarke constructed the model using roughly 2,875 melted Celebrations chocolates.

Different chocolates from the confectionery brand including Twix, Milky Way, Galaxy and Bounty Celebrations have been used.

Maltesers Teasers have been used on the collar, with the medals on the chest of the bust featuring Snickers.

Senior brand manager for Celebrations said: “The team studied hours of footage of the King to capture his true likeness and the resemblance is uncanny."

The sculpture will be on display at Mars Wrigley UK’s headquarters in Slough.