Painted mural in Southampton will absorb air pollution as UK's largest clean air mural

ITV News Meridian's James Dunham explains more about the clean air paint

If you're planning some DIY painting we guarantee it won't be on the scale of an innovative project in one city centre.

The UK's largest clean air mural is providing a feast of vibrant colour to totally transform a grey ghastly looking office block - now known as The Bulb - by Southampton Central railway station in Hampshire.

Renowned French street artist Nerone has been busy creating the seven-storey masterpiece with his creative flair combing with science to produce a groundbreaking environmentally friendly work of art.

Each particle of paint contains lime, a material which can combat harmful carbon dioxide, with Southampton previously named among the top polluted port cities in Europe.

Renowned French street artist Nerone has been working his magic Credit: ITV Meridian

Nerone describes the project's green potential as "magic."

He said, "We need to think about the future of the planet which is good for nature and the environment is fantastic."

65kg of CO2 will be absorbed by the paint each year which is the equivalent impact of having three adult mature trees.

The striking design outside it is hoped will attract businesses, particularly in the Science, Technology and Maths sectors, into the offices to fill some of the 40,000 square ft available space which remains empty following the pandemic.

Ryan Barber from FI Real Estate Management said, "It's a challenge but it's one that we're trying to face head on.

"Ultimately, if you don't diversify, if you don't make the workplace something that's exciting and a place that people want to come and work, there's going to be a hell of a lot of empty buildings throughout the UK.

"As a business, at Fi, we're trying to, we're trying to promote these new exciting businesses that people want to come back to."

The mural, it's hoped, will attract businesses into the offices inside Credit: ITV Meridian

Over 10,000 people voted for the design which was put out to members of the public.

An engaging response and the artistic result could see Southampton placed on the street art map, according to Josh Moore from Lawless Studios who are involved with the project.

"Dare I say it, Southhampton isn't maybe well known for street art, so I think we're adding a real slice of visual impact to the city.

"Hopefully, this maybe inspires the next generation of artists in the city. It might bring more mural opportunities and art opportunities to the city as well.

"I'm from Bristol, a city well known for street art, so it's nice to see this brought to other cities in the UK."

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