Regal blanket created by Dover knitters, with King and Queen in crochet

King Charles is crocheted at the top of the blanket

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A group of knitters from Dover has spent nearly six months making a regal blanket to celebrate the King's coronation.

King Charles and Queen Camilla have been created in woollen form, along with the odd bee hive, grapes and a kilt.

It's taken the Riverside Knit & Natter group hundreds of hours but it is finally complete ahead of Saturday's coronation.

Jan Pott was responsible for piecing together all 99 squares of red, white and blue to make the blanket, which will now be raffled to raise money for the charity, Riverside Dover:

The blanket took more than 20 knitters many hours of work to create.

In the four corners of the blanket is a symbol of each of the four nations of the United Kingdom: the tudor rose, a shamrock, a leek and a thistle. And right at the top, are the King and Queen.