Twyford bell-ringers recruit for the Coronation

Juliette Fletcher reports on the new recruits gearing up to Ring for the King

For hundreds of years bells have rung out on a Sunday morning to welcome parishioners to church or to celebrate a wedding or special occasion.

But in a few days time chimes will be heard right across the land marking the Coronation of King Charles III.

At St Mary's Church in Twyford, Tower Captain Simon Farrar, says it's a privilege to be part of the celebrations.

But, nationally there's a shortage of bell-ringers and churches everywhere have been looking for new volunteers to take part in the "Ring for the King" campaign. 

It's hoped the recruitment drive will also secure the art of bell-ringing for generations to come.

At St Mary's, Matthew Steele, who's 18, has taught both his mum Lizzy and his dad to ring.

Lizzy learning the ropes
A younger recruit being taught by her dad

There are eight bells in the tower at St Mary's which were originally put up in 1913.

They are in the key of F sharp and the heaviest one weighs in at a hefty 600 kilos.

On Saturday 6 May, St Mary's will be joined by churches all over the country sounding their bells for the Coronation.