Pesky seagulls blamed for causing almost £2 million of damage to Folkestone library

Seagulls have partly been blamed for extensive damage at Folkestone library Credit: PA / ITV

The seagulls have been at it again and have been blamed, in part, for causing almost £2 million of damage to a popular library.

Kent County Council say they've been forced to close Folkestone library because the repair bill is too expensive.

That's prompted uproar from residents who have protested and demonstrated over its closure.

It's now been revealed that much of the damage to the roof, guttering and windows has been caused by the gulls, and because its nesting season, repairs can only be made outside the period.

The doors to the library have been shut since December Credit: ITV Meridian

The authority said, "A recent drone survey has identified large amounts of earth, from nests, covering and blocking the parapet gutter outlets, resulting in damage and cracked downpipes.

"The downpipes themselves are restricted, with narrow bends around Grade II listed stone-facade features. This, in addition to significant rainfall, contributes to worsening water damage.

"Unfortunately, as a result of increasing water damage, the difficult decision was takento close the building for detailed investigations to be made.

"The level of damage found has left us with no choice but to close the building for the safety of staff and customers.

Damp and mould has also been found throughout the building which has listed status with a programme of extensive works needed before the site can reopen.

The council added, "We know that this is very disappointing news for library users, and we are sorry that there is not a more immediate solution.

"We want to reassure you that we are committed to a town centre library service for Folkestone and will continue to look for other funding options as well as other potential town centre locations that the library could move to."

The library has been closed since last December and will remain that way until further notice.