Union Jack flags placed in dog poo in Margate, Kent as mystery surrounds who is behind it

Yes, that is a Union Jack in dog poo Credit:

Tis' the season for red, white and blue what with the King’s Coronation but this is the LAST place you’d expect to see the UK’s traditional colours.

Someone appears to be placing tiny Union Jack flags in dog poo in one popular seaside destination.

Spotted in Margate, Kent the fowl form of art, if you can call it art, comes just months after Banksy made his mark in the town with his creation 'Valentine's Day Mascara'.

Nobody will be taking these piece away in a hurry but it’s certainly generated a lot of reaction on Facebook.

Stacey Kember snapped this shot of the patriotic poo Credit:

Stacey Kember, who spotted a patriotic poo said, “Great to be British” with a laughing emoji.

Another resident commented, “it's like a treasure hunt”.

While another added, “someone has way too much time on their hands”.

One resident declared, “Worth a Fortune, it's a Poopsy, ring TDC asap”.

Residents in Thanet could face a £100 fine if they are caught by dog warden leaving their animal’s mess on the ground.

The local authority says, "It is illegal to leave your dog’s faeces lying around in public. If you fail to pick up your dog’s mess you could be fined. Our dog wardens and enforcement officers may issue you with a fixed penalty notice of £100.

"Being unaware that the dog has fouled or not having a suitable means of clearing the mess is not a reasonable excuse – and you will still face a fine.

"Dog mess is a nuisance and it’s a public health hazard, particularly to residents who want to enjoy our beautiful public spaces in Thanet. It also costs council taxpayers’ money to clean up!"

In addition to Margate, there's been reports of the Union Jack flags popping up in Ramsgate too.

With mess like this, the flags could well be a statement suggesting we are anything but 'Great Britain' with people unable to pick up after their pooches!