People reflect on late Queen Elizabeth's coronation as King Charles crowned

  • Tony Green has been speaking to those who can remember the late Queen Elizabeth II coronation.

People in the South East have been reflecting on their memories of the late Queen Elizabeth II coronation, which took place in 1953.

The event, which happened nearly 70 years ago, was the first coronation to be broadcast live on TV.

Those who will be lucky enough to witness, not one but two of the special events, have been sharing their thoughts.

Jessie Marney, a resident of Invica Court in Maidstone, remembers watching the coronation while visiting her parents in York.

The then 21-year-old said: "There was only one lady in the road that had a television set and she very kindly invited us all in to her tiny little sitting room to watch it and so we all brought our chairs into her little sitting room. We sat in rows and watched it on this 12-inch television, in black and white, of course. It was magical. We were just so moved and excited by it all, it was a lovely experience."

The late Queen Elizabeth's coronation was in 1953. Credit: Pathe

At Green Willow residential home in Sussex, Joy Aldridge remembers actually being at the coronation.

She said: "I was almost as near as you can to the carriage. I was in the mall and found a lovely spot. You had to stand really close together but it was fantastic to be there."

Also reflecting, Mavis Cooke, 91, said: "It seemed strange because you had to learn to sing 'God Save The Queen' because we'd all been singing 'God Save The King' for years.

"Now we've sung that for 70 years, I find it very hard to say 'God Save The King'. Of course, we'll have to wait and see how Charles is because we've always known him as a young man. Now he's a grown man and I'm sure the Queen has taught him such a lot."