Fresh appeal for help to find newborn foal snatched from Hampshire animal farm

  • The mother of a missing newborn foal has been 'crying' since she was taken.

The owner of a two-month old foal, who was snatched from a farm in Hampshire, has appealed for help to find her.

Moon was taken from a field at Miller's Ark in Hook on Monday (15/05).

Elizabeth Miller said she realised the baby was missing when she went to bring all of the mothers and foals back from the fields that evening.

"We feel she may have been lifted over the fence and taken away. They're very small and they're very friendly, so we think that's what has happened", she explained.

The owner of a newborn foal stolen from an activity farm in Hampshire said she is "devastated". Credit: Miller's Ark

"They don't have fear of people, they assume people will be loving and caring because that's what they have here both from ourselves as a team and the visitors.

"Unfortunately Monday was a bad day for us. It was a day when somebody with bad intent came and did something that's really terrible, separating a young foal from its mother."

Elizabeth said that Moon's mother, Astra, has been struggling with the separation from her daughter.

She said: "Astra has been just completely devastated, just really stressed, pacing up and down the fence line, braying. She didn't want to eat yesterday at all. She has eaten something today, which is great.

"She doesn't know what to do with herself because all of her natural instincts are to find the foal."

  • Elizabeth Miller has appealed to the public for help to find Moon.

In a plea to the public, Elizabeth has asked anyone with information about Moon's whereabouts to come forward.

"I think just listen, because I think the foal will be braying. If you hear any donkey braying that you're not used to, please report it to the police.

"If you do know who's taken little Moon, something really bad was done on Monday and you can be the one to change that. You can do something good and bring that little foal back to its mother", she said.