22 hedgehogs die in two weeks with garden strimmer warning issued

The spines of this hedgehog were cut off by an electrical strimmer Credit: Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

An animal hospital says 22 hedgehogs have sadly been killed in the last two weeks after being unable to recover from injuries caused by garden strimmers.

The animals, which have a dramatically declining population, are at risk of extinction.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital in Sidlesham, south of Chichester say of the 24 hedgehogs taken in over the last fortnight, just two have survived.

This hedgehog is being treated for strimmer injuries Credit: Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

They've released photos of the injuries sustained by one hedgehog where it's spines have been shaved off by the garden equipment.

Another shows a raw bloody mark where they've been caught by a strimmer.

With the weather warming up, the hospital is urging gardeners to look out for hedgehogs.