Deliveroo driver jailed for attempted rape in Portsmouth identified by distinctive bag

Tesfagabriel Gebrzgabhir was identified from his distinctive bag and bicycle Credit: Hampshire Police/PA Library image

A Deliveroo driver has been sentenced to more than six years in prison for the attempted rape of a woman in Portsmouth .

Tesfagabriel Gebrzgabhir, 34, of Belmont Street, pleaded guilty to the offence which took place on Wednesday 1 February this year. 

Portsmouth Crown Court heard that at approximately 10.15pm, a woman in her 20s was approached by a man on a bicycle in the Guildhall area. 

The man, who was not known to her, followed her for a short time before attempting to sexually assault her as they approached the Cenotaph.

He then indecently exposed himself. 

The incident happened in Portsmouth's Guildhall Square

The court heard how the man, who was described as riding a distinctive neon green bicycle with a Deliveroo bag, had approached the woman and attempted to take off her clothes.

The woman began filming him on her mobile phone before he cycled away. 

An investigation was launched and officers began carrying out extensive CCTV scoping in the area.

The court heard how detectives visited the location of the offence as part of their enquiries, and spotted a man in the area matching the description of the offender, riding a neon green bicycle with a Deliveroo bag on his back. 

Due to the matching description, the man, identified as Gebrzgabhir, was arrested and later charged with sexual assault following DNA analysis. 

He has now been sentenced to six years and four months in prison, with an extended licence period of four years, taking the total sentence to 10 years and four months. 

Police Constable Sarah Ball who led the investigation, said: “This was an extremely concerning and opportunistic assault on a vulnerable woman and I would like to commend the victim for her courage in disclosing what happened that night and assisting our investigation so that Gebrzgabhir could be brought to justice. 

“The impact that his actions have had on the woman involved are unmeasurable and I hope that this sentence helps to bring some closure to and allows her to move on in her life. 

“Rape and other sexual offences are one of the most devastating crimes a person can survive and that is why we prioritise it. We want to continue to encourage people to come forward if they believe that they have been a victim of sexual assault.