Drusillas Zoo Park welcomes Eurasian Lynx wildcats for first time

  • WATCH the moment the Eurasian Lynx arrive at Drusillas Zoo Park

A Sussex zoo has welcomed two Eurasian Lynx wildcats - the first of its species to settle there.

The pair, who just turned two years old, arrived at Drusillas Zoo Park on 24 May after being transferred from Wild Place Project in Bristol - where they were born.

A quarter of a million pounds has been spent building a custom enclosure to recreate their native European woodland habitat.

The enclosure includes warm and cool areas, a waterfall and stream, natural floor covering, air filtration systems, CCTV, and plants specific to those found in their natural environment.

It also has a waterfall feature which the cats have already been seen playing in.

The brothers have been pouncing around and exploring their new home since their arrival. Credit: Drusillas Zoo Park

Head Keeper, Gemma Romanis, said: "It's always huge news welcoming a new species to the Park, and our team are so excited to work with Europe's largest wild cat, and for Drusillas to be home to a European carnivore."

"I can't wait to start building up a relationship with the boys, introduce some training, and see them flourish here at the Park."

"Everything about their enclosure has been carefully researched and considered as it's important to us that all our animals have choice within their space."

The space also is designed to have different climbing, resting, and hiding places. Credit: Drusillas Zoo Park

The Eurasian lynx is the third largest predator in Europe after the brown bear and the wolf,and the largest of the four lynx species.

Previously native to Britain, the Eurasian lynx became extinct in the UK around 1,300 years ago due to hunting and habitat loss. Lynx have a short body, long legs and large feet.

The ears have a characteristic black tuft at the tip while the paws have sharp retractile claws.

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