'Cold and tired' paddle boarders make emergency call after hour at sea with Shoreham RNLI drafted in

The sea close to Widewater Lagoon Credit: Google Maps

Two paddle boarders managed to call the emergency services after being stuck for more than an hour out at sea.

The pair had drifted a mile off shore from Widewater Lagoon, Lancing and were left cold and tired after being caught out by the wind.

With a mobile phone on them, they were able to alert the Coastguard with lifeboat crews from the RNLI in Shoreham, West Sussex springing into action.

Once located, the rescue volunteers deflated their paddle boards and took them back to land where they were warmed up and checked over.

Lifeboat helm Dom Huxley said: “The pair were in difficulty as they were a long way off and no one else was around.

"They weren’t wearing life jackets or buoyancy aids and there was an off shore wind blowing.

“Luckily they had a mobile phone so they could call the coastguard for help.”

The incident has prompted a safety warning with people heading out to sea urged to:

  • Always wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid

  • Check the sea and weather conditions

  • Take a charged mobile phone in a waterproof pouch

  • Tell someone where you are going

  • If in doubt, don’t go out