Did you see the Strawberry Moon on Saturday night and why is it significant?

Strawberry Moon snapped in Newhaven Credit: Oliver Powell

If you caught glimpse of it you will know it was a stunning sight on a Saturday night, like the photo above captured by Oliver Powell in Newhaven, East Sussex.

The United Kingdom was treated to a Strawberry Moon with the glow illuminating the sky.

So what is a Strawberry Moon and why did it catch so much attention?

It's got nothing to do with the colour, although a pink moon would look pretty spectacular!

Claire Byrd shot the Strawberry Moon in Saltdean Credit: Claire Byrd

Instead, it's a significant marker of the changing season and is the first full moon of June.

The term came from Native American culture which used the phrase to define the time of year where strawberries are harvested.

Other names given for the Strawberry Moon are Full Moon are Rose Moon, Hot Moon.

Every year, there are typically twelve full moon cycles and July's, in case you're wondering, is called the Buck Moon.