Heartwarming video shows stolen Hampshire baby donkey Moon relaxing with her mother again

Moon reunited with her mother Astra at Miller's Ark Farm in Hampshire Credit: Miller's Ark Farm

A heartwarming video has been released showing a baby donkey relaxing with her mother after she was stolen.

Three-month old Moon, was taken from a field at Miller's Ark in Hook, Hampshire on 15 May.

The foal was only discovered on Wednesday night and brought back to her home on Thursday.

An appeal to find Moon was shared by thousands on social media with the donkey being discovered in White House Lane in High Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire.

A lovely video has been recorded of the pair bonding after more than two weeks apart.

With mother and child adjusting to each other, the farm said: "Just a little catch up on Moon and her mum - both of them well. It was late on Thursday night that they were reunited and a very special moment. We didn’t take any footage at that time because they just needed to be together.

"Here they are back at Miller’s Ark slowly relaxing with each other again - it’s been a long time to be apart, so lots of adjustment. But the amazing thing is that she is home and thank you everyone for sharing (this was key to finding her) and for your love and support."

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