McFly on hanging out with Tom Cruise and upcoming tour as they celebrate 20 years in the business

McFly have been back in the studio and have a new album and are going on tour Credit: ITV News

Natalie Boare speaks to McFly at their rehearsal studio

"It's like walking into Holland & Barrett", laughs Dougie Poynter. "It's very stripped back now, it's pretty organic and boring."

He's talking about McFly's backstage rider as they prepare to go on tour across the country.

Danny chips in, "It's like the older we've got we've treated ourselves more like athletes, we have massage guns, sports drinks."

Tom Fletcher says, "I think we enjoy it more now and it's really fun having our families coming along and our kids get to see what we do, but also for us it makes us feel like kids again."

The band saying come back together again to make music feels like 'coming home' Credit: Ian West/PA Wire/PA Images

The band have also been back in the recording studio, their seventh album 'Power to Play' out today. Dougie told me, "We just really doubled down on the 80s power rock this time just because it's super super fun."

They say one of the secrets to their success is their friendship.

"We get on really well, I think it's quite rare for four band members to get on really well. When we came out Busted had paved the way ... and I think we appealed to that pop audience but we wrote our music and played our instruments", says Harry Judd.

All four have had solo projects but when they come back together they say it feels like 'coming home.'

Danny says, "The band is like your protection to the world and it's not all on you. I think that's the special thing about being in a band and also just doing  things with your friends you would never ever think you would do with mates, so it's amazing to have the band."

McFly during the filming for the Graham Norton Show Credit: Jonathan Hordle/PA Archive/PA Images

McFly first hit the charts in 2004 with '5 Colours in Her Hair' and over recent years they've opened up about looking after their mental health.

Tom Fletcher says, "When we were going through a lot of difficult times it was nearly 20 years ago so we were younger and nobody was really talking about it , no-one was aware of it."

"The fact people talk about it is really important so people feel equipped to deal with those potential things," adds Harry.

The band are celebrating 20 years in the business and over the years they've met some big names.

"The Queen", Dougie proudly says when asked. And "I hung out with Tom Cruise - he was awesome, everything you want him to be."

Meanwhile Danny's highlight is having a beer with Liam Gallagher.