Three deer set off ring door bell whilst walking past house in Sussex

  • Watch the 'unusual' moment three deer walk past a house in Uckfield.

Three deer have been spotted walking past a home owner's front door in East Sussex.

Daniel Hansell from Uckfield said his ring doorbell was activated when the animals strolled past.

He said: "I woke up at 6am, as I do everyday for work, and noticed the notification at the front door alert had gone off at 4.30am.

"This is very unusual as we never get motion alerts in the morning.

"So I checked it in my half drowsy state and had to do a double take. When I saw three big deer at the front door, I shouted 'oh my god!'

"Doing that woke the partner up, as she thought something bad had happened."

Daniel said he moved into the home about two months ago. The previous owner said there was a lot of wildlife in the area with the odd deer seen in the woods.