Ambulances diverted from Brighton's Royal Sussex Hospital after computer issues

Patients have been turned away from Brighton's Royal Sussex Hospital after serious issues with the computer and phone system.

The problems began on Saturday evening, with ambulances being diverted to Worthing, Eastbourne and Redhill hospitals.

A spokesman said on Sunday that the issues were being resolved, but urged patients not to attend the hospital unless absolutely necessary.

A statement on the hospital website reads: "Most IT and communications systems are now being brought back online across the Trust, after problems were encountered on Saturday evening.

"That progress has meant that the agreement to divert ambulances away from Brighton and Haywards Health has been stopped.

"We ask that people continue to use NHS services wisely, and only use emergency services when necessary.

"Despite the positive progress there is still work underway to reactivate some remaining systems, and to troubleshoot potential issues during the day (Sunday).

"Given that frontline teams may still encounter more challenges than normal throughout the day – your patience and continued support is greatly appreciated. 

"We apologise to anyone affected by the disruption this weekend – patients, families, our UHSussex colleagues, and NHS teams in other organisations."