Asiah Kudi inquest concludes she was 'unlawfully killed' by mother who left her for six days

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An inquest into the death of a baby girl - who was left at home alone for six days - has found she was unlawfully killed. 

20-month-old Asiah Kudi died in December 2019, in Brighton, in the supported accommodation where she lived with her mum Verphy Kudi.

Kudi had left the toddler alone to starve while she celebrated her 18th birthday in London and in the West Midlands.

The inquest had previously heard how Kudi had been appearing to be drunk and unconscious, on CCTV while being brought home by friends a few months before the child died.

A post-mortem examination and forensic tests found that Asiah's death was starvation, dehydration and flu with the overall cause given as "neglect". 

Kudi was jailed for nine years for the manslaughter of the baby girl in 2021.

Asiah's grandmother, Asia Batrane, felt there was a failure by the staff at the supported accommodation - saying if the CCTV had been checked, it would have been known that Asiah was alone.

After five days of evidence, Coroner Penelope Schofield said she was not satisfied that this was the case.

She said: "The purpose of CCTV was a deterrent, it was not there for surveillance. Verphy was free to come and go as she chose and there was no reason to suspect that she was going out and leaving her baby alone.

"The risk of abandonment was not foreseeable and Asiah's death could not have been predicted.

She added that Kudi's actions were "criminal, outside of normal behaviour" and concluded that Asiah was "unlawfully killed."

YMCA DownsLink Group said: "Three and half years since the death of Asiah Kudi, the shocking and tragic events continue to deeply affect our staff and organisation. 

"The Coroner recorded a conclusion of ‘unlawful killing’ which confirmed that Verphy Kudi’s act of criminal neglect and abandonment was completely unforeseeable by those involved in supporting her."

"The coroner also acknowledged the huge impact this tragic death has had on the numerous professionals who supported Verphy Kudi and her daughter, Asiah."

"Today, our thoughts and sympathies lie with Asiah’s extended family, and everyone affected by this tragic event."

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