'We can take care of you' - Southampton midwife appeals to mother after discovery of placenta

Credit: ITV Meridian

A midwife has made a direct appeal to a mother to get urgent medical help following the discovery of a placenta in a Southampton park.

Police were called to the Holly Brook Park area near Southampton General Hospital at 8.47am on Wednesday (21 June), following the discovery of a placenta by members of the public.

Last week a forensic examination confirmed the placenta is human.

Officers are continuing patrols around the area and trying to locate the mother and child who they say need 'urgent medical help.'

Police were called to the Holly Brook Park area following the discovery on Wednesday 21 June. Credit: ITV Meridian

Emma Northover, Director of Midwifery at University Hospital Southampton (UHS), added: “We are all worried about you and we want you to get the midwifery support that you may need. 

“If you have given birth unattended, without the overview of a midwife, you may be in pain, you may be suffering from bleeding or an infection which could be potentially life threatening if left untreated.

"It’s important that your baby is also checked over to ensure that everything is ok and that they don’t need any input from the hospital team. 

“If you’re not sure where to go please come to see us at Princess Anne Hospital so we can take care of you.

"Alternatively you can walk in to any hospital, GP or walk-in centre – please come forward and get the care and help you need.”

The midwife based is urging the mother to seek help at Princess Anne Hospital. Credit: ITV Meridian

Chief Inspector Marcus Kennedy said: “We don’t know what you have been through, however we expect that this must be a really distressing time for you if you have gone through this birth alone.

“We remain keen to speak to anyone who has concerns for someone they know who has been pregnant or recently given birth. Your information could be the key to making sure this mother and child get the help they so desperately need.

“If you’ve had concerns for a friend or loved one in relation to pregnancy, please let us know. You can speak to us completely anonymously if you wish.

“Local residents will continue to see a police presence in the area as we focus on finding the mother and her baby and getting them support.

Anyone with information can call 101, quoting Operation Holdo or the reference number 44230246419. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or you can submit information through our online portal by going to https://mipp.police.uk/ operation/44HC23W03-PO1