'Secret of long life is chocolate', says 110-year-old birthday girl from Fareham

  • Video report by ITV Meridian reporter Richard Slee

"It's just another day" says Annie Samphire, when asked if she's enjoying her 110th birthday. After all, it's a special day isn't it?

"Not really. It isn't. You just live and that's it," she says.

But not many people get to 110 do they?

"Oh I don't worry about them. I only worry about me."

But Annie has a twinkle in her eye, and the hoards of family and friends who've come to her birthday party are testament to her character and dry sense of humour.

She was Hampshire's oldest woman until an outsider, six months older than her, moved into the county.

Harry and Annie on their wedding day.

Born in 1913, she was married to husband Harry for sixty years.

As well as her two daughters, three more generations have joined her at the Cams Ridge care home in Fareham to celebrate her big day.

There are four grandchildren, six great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren

"She's a fantastic lady," says her daughter Margaret. "No health problems.  I just hope I've got some of her genes."

Annie gives our reporter Richard Slee short shrift

"She came in here last year at 109 and she looks ten years younger than when she came in," says her other daughter, Betty.

This year she's been sent a birthday card, containing a personal message from the King and Queen.

She credits her long life to walking everywhere and indulging her sweet tooth.

Annie with her daughters Margaret and Betty. Credit: ITV Meridian

She never owned a car and often enjoys an ice cream or chocolate bar before settling down to a night’s sleep.

"Chocolate, oh yes I love chocolate, naturally" she says. "I can't think of a girl who doesn't like chocolates."

She loves having her family around but is a bit overwhelmed with the attention, and can't understand what the fuss is about.

When asked if there's anything else she'd like to say on her big day, she simply says "Not really, no."

But you can tell she's enjoying herself.