Railing-less gate with possible WWII link branded 'pointless' prompting hilarious response

The gate in question that's been branded the most pointless of them all in St Leonards Credit: Joyce Blackwell

A gate has been branded the most pointless of them all in one seaside town because it has absolutely zero purpose.

The gate is positioned at the entrance of St Leonards gardens in East Sussex but there aren't any railings next to the posts.

That means you could still get into the public space even if the gate is shut.

Local resident Joyce Blackwell posted a photo of the gate on Facebook prompting some hilarious comments,

Roger Brownless asked, "How much is the 'Toll'?" while Paul Philips said, "Its not very tall would be quite easy to climb over."

Several residents pointed to the fact that the railings could've been removed during World War Two.

People were encouraged to cut down iron gates and railings to help fill a shortage of materials to build weapons and machinery, however there has been mystery in the decades since over whether or not the supplies ever arrived at Ironworks.

Joking about the redundant gate, Raymond Moore said "I tried to get in once through this gate but it was locked."

Although Keely Jackson isn't writing the gate off yet saying, "it’s not pointless to my dog, he loves cocking his leg on it." 

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