Thousands watch live video of hairy moment of Heathrow plane landing during strong winds

Footage captures the stomach churning moment of a plane landing in heavy winds at Heathrow Airport (Video from Youtube / Big Jet TV)

Landing an aircraft during strong gusty winds is likely to be most people's idea of hell yet thousands of people watched the hairy moment a plane went to touch down at Heathrow Airport.

Footage was captured by Big Jet TV who run regular streams of arrivals into Britain's busiest airport.

The video of a Scandinavian Airlines jet was a gripping watch as the pilot navigated the gusty conditions.

As both wheels made contact with the tarmac the plane titled at angle the plane bounced before the carrier was eventually brought under control.

The commentator in the clip perhaps summed up the feeling of people on the plane by saying, "flipping heck, a passenger on that jet a little bit of p** came out."

Forecasters at The Met Office have issued a yellow weather warning for strong winds until midnight on Saturday affecting London and the South East.

Train services have been disrupted and events cancelled in anticipation of the turbulent conditions.

Tom Morgan, meteorologist at the Met Office, told the PA news agency: "For the middle part of July we're seeing quite unseasonably unsettled weather.

"We've got quite strong winds today across southern areas where we will potentially see gusts as high as 55mph bringing some minor disruption and damage to trees, for example, particularly in South Wales and southern parts of England.

"We've also got some thunderstorms which are moving through quite quickly in the South because of the wind, but the thunderstorms in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be much slower.

"There are many outdoor events expected to take place this weekend, we do urge you, wherever you are, to keep an eye on the forecast and leave plenty of time for your journeys because the weather may well cause some disruption from either strong winds or thunder and heavy rain."

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