Premature baby from Bracknell who weighed as little as can of fizzy drink makes remarkable recovery

ITV News Meridian reporter Chlöe Oliver has been to meet the parents of one of the smallest babies born in the country.

A mother from Bracknell has praised hospital staff who saved and cared for her baby when she was born at just 23 weeks.

Sky weighed only 350g when she was born at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, making her one of the smallest babies to survive in the UK.

The John Radcliffe Hospital is the regional centre for intensive care for babies requiring additional support.

Although Ezra, Sky's twin brother, weighed 660 grammes at birth, he sadly only survived a day after his birth.

Sky was so small when she was born she wore handmade items of clothing

Sky remained in the hospital for another four and a half months as she had problems with her blood pressure, multiple infections, premature bowels, a collapsed lung and slow growth.

Sky's father, Chris Harvey, said: "I went into ICU that evening and I was just staring at the both of them. I had one of the night nurses come over to me and put her hand on my shoulder. I wasn’t in a good state at that time and they were really supportive."

The baby also needed to reach an ideal weight before leaving the hospital and she was able to go home after she reached 1.6kg.

Her parents were accommodated at the Ronald McDonald charity house located on the grounds of the John Radcliffe Hospital.

  • Jessy and Chris hope by sharing their story they will inspire other parents that there is hope when all the odds seem stacked against you

Dr Amit Gupta, Clinical Lead, Newborn Intensive Care Unit at OUH, said: “Babies born at 23 weeks are extremely vulnerable and the majority are unable to survive.

"Sky was not only born extremely preterm, but was also the tiniest baby we have looked after. It was a privilege to be part of Sky’s miraculous journey and her progress is testament to the skill and care of our staff.”

  • Whilst Jesse and Sky were in hospital, father Chris decided to make milestone cards for his family and to hang in the ICU unit to make nurses and doctors smile.

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