Grandfather left in 'absolute agony' waiting 9 hours for an ambulance after Premier Inn fall

Bryan Bartlett had to wait nine and a half hours for an ambulance after breaking his neck. Credit: ITV Meridian

A grandfather was forced to wait more than nine hours for an ambulance after breaking his neck when he slipped in the bathroom at a Premier Inn in Weymouth.

Bryan Bartlett, from Southampton slipped as he stepped out the bath after taking a shower, and hit his neck on the side of the bath, leaving him in 'excruciating pain.'

Bryan's wife Doreen was forced to call for an ambulance twice, after being told there were no vehicles available.

The 74-year-old was finally taken to hospital in Dorchester, nine and a half hours after the fall.

"I held my head, because it felt like it had fallen off, it was terrible pain - absolute agony," Bryan said.

"They said I was lucky not to have died or been severely paralysed."

  • Bryan Bartlett said having to wait for so long for an ambulance is 'not right.'

Bryan and his wife Doreen were staying at the Premier Inn hotel at the Weymouth Gateway site in Mercery Road, while visiting friends for the weekend.

He said: "It's not very good really, it's not right.

"We've always relied over the years on an ambulance taking a couple of minutes, or five minutes, but not that long. Not nine hours."

A Premier Inn spokesperson said they wished Bryan 'a speedy recovery and the very best.' Credit: Google Maps

When the paramedics did arrive, Bryan praised his treatment.

He said: "They were brilliant - they put me in a sort of cocoon in the ambulance and in hospital straight away I was taken for a scan and they put the neck brace on."

South Western Ambulance Service has issued an apology for the delay, but Bryan's wife Doreen Bartlett says it was far too long.

"I think the system is broken," Doreen said.

"The paramedics were lovely that came, but it just took far too long."

  • Bryan's wife Doreen Bartlett says she was shocked that he had broken his neck.

A spokesperson for the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) said: “We are sorry that we were unable to provide Mr Bartlett with a timely response and we would like to wish him well in his recovery.

"Our ambulance clinicians strive every day to give their best to patients, but during the period of hot weather in early September, we saw the demand on our service increase to levels that we have not experienced since early 2023.

“Our partners in the NHS and social care also saw an increase in demand during this time. We are all working hard to improve the service that patients receive.”

Bryan Bartlett says he was told by doctors he was 'lucky' not have been paralysed. Credit: ITV Meridian

A Premier Inn spokesperson said: “Our hotel baths all have a non-slip coating, as well as a visible anti-slip area at the shower end to minimise the chances of slipping.

“We also make bath mats available on request should guests want one during their stay, which can be requested from reception on arrival or at any point day or night

“Our team assisted the guest in calling the emergency services after they were made aware of the incident and we all wish him a speedy recovery and the very best.”

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