Kent brothers use a blow torch on a Cadbury Flake bar to prove chocolate theory

James² wanted to prove a theory Credit: Instagram / @james_squared__

Two brothers from Kent have sparked a scientific debate by taking a blow torch to a bar of Cadbury Flake to prove a chocolate theory.

Sam James and Josh James are used to creating bespoke rustic furniture at their business James² but instead decided to use their creative skills to test whether or not the popular chocolate bar can be melted.

In a video that's been viewed thousands of times on their Instagram account james_squared__ Josh says, "So we've been told a theory that apparently with Flakes, they can't be melted no matter what."

The pair both take a bite of the chocolate bar to prove that it is genuine before placing it on their welding table.

The pair take a bit of the bar to prove it is real chocolate Credit: Instagram /@james_squared__

Grasping the blow torch, Josh directs the flame to the bar and despite being under the heat of a red flame the Flake holds up.

Crucially, it didn't melt but instead just burned.

Many people who commented were blown away by what had been proved.

Gemma Mitchell wrote, "🤯 What?!? I’m sure it melts when you dip it in tea though?! I’m going to have to buy one and test it - for research purposes only."

The evidence was clear... Credit: james_squared__

Others were a little more sceptical...

Shanna Galloon said, "How do you explain the one that melted in my pocket then 🤣🙈"

While Julie Caust added, "They melt 🙄. My jeans will testify to that."

To back up their evidence that Flakes don't melt, the James brothers tested another chocolate bar.

Josh said in a second Instagram video, "Not everyone believes that for some reason it was a real Flake. I don't know why. We don't really care. It's not really our scientific experiment, but we're going to try another chocolate bar, just a standard Dairy Milk just to shut naysayers up."

The brothers tried another chocolate bar under the blow torch Credit: james_squared__

This time the results were in contrast to the Flake with the chocolate bar beginning to ooze in seconds of experiencing the blow torch's heat.

Paige Burnett said, "Please don’t ask my why at some point in my life I also to set fire (or attempted to) to a Flake, but I can confirm, they don’t melt?

"I find it so strange since they can barely keep it together when you take a bite 🤣…

"There’s a lesson here, don’t judge a book by its cover (or a chocolate bar by its ability to stay together) 🤯"

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