Why was last night's moon so huge? People snap stunning Harvest Moon in must-see photos

brighton supermoon
The Harvest Moon over Brighton Credit: James Ward

Did you notice it? The moon on Friday night was particularly stunning and has resulted in some stunning snaps of the supermoon.

The Harvest Moon is the name for the full moon which is closest to the Autumn equinox and is final supermoon of the year.

There are only four occasions in a year with one in July and two in August with supermoons earning their title because they occur when the moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit.

With a red and orange glow, the moon illuminated skies across southern England as we approach October.

The Harvest Moon captured by John and Jean in Selsey
Piercing through the clouds in Bournemouth Credit: Claire Sheppard
Another shot of the supermoon over the Sussex coast Credit: X/@mrdparsons
Janet Duke captured the moon in Gillingham, Kent Credit: Janet Duke
Isabel who is 9 photographed the moon in Folkestone Credit: