Milo the Labrador's dramatic rescue after plunging 70 feet off popular Dorset cliff

milo the labrador
Milo the Labrador had quite an adventure Credit: Swanage Coastguard Rescue Team

Milo the Labrador most likely gets lots of attention when he's walked by his owner but this weekend was something else.

In unseasonable warm October sunshine, the dog was on a stroll when things took a rather drastic turn at a popular clifftop in Dorset.

The Downs in Swanage, with its stunning views, is a winner with dog walkers but Milo's exploring eye got the better of him when he accidentally plunged 70 feet off the edge.

The dramatic fall sparked an emergency rescue operation with Coastguard crews being called into action.

Milo looks very happy despite his dramatic walk Credit: Swanage Coastguard

Teams from Swanage, St Albans and Kimmeridge were tasked with using a variety of ropes and specialist dog equipment to bring Milo to safety.

A Coastguard Rescue Technician managed to pick Milo up from the ledge he'd landed on before being brought back onto a more stable footing.

Was Milo phased by the ordeal? Clearly not, if a photograph taken afterwards is anything to go by with the Lab looking rather content.

Equally, his owners were said to be very grateful for the recovery effort.

Meanwhile, it was a busy day on Saturday for the Kimmeridge coastguard team as they were tasked during the rescue to a medical incident in Arne, four miles east of Wareham, with South Western Ambulance service.

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