Mum describes shock after number of baby sharks wash up on Sussex beach

One of the sharks found washed up on Ferring beach, West Sussex. Credit: Shelley Carver-Bates

More than a dozen baby sharks have washed up on a beach in West Sussex.

The fish were discovered by a member of the public along the shoreline at Ferring beach on Sunday.

Shelley Carver-Bates was paddling in the water with her son near the Bluebird Cafe when they noticed what looked like a large fish moving around in the water.

Realising it was actually a small shark the pair quickly left the water.

The sharks pictured on Ferring beach, West Sussex. Credit: Shelley Carver-Bates

Speaking to ITV Meridian, Shelley said: "A couple of hours later, around 3.30pm, lots of baby sharks got washed up on the beach.

"We counted around 12 sharks across three groyne fields.

"People were standing around inspecting and taking photos, wondering how on earth they ended up there.

"We were all surprised - none of us realised that our waters contained sharks...!"

Shelley Carver-Bates was paddling with her son in the water when they noticed one of the sharks. Credit: Shelley Carver-Bates

It's not known which species of shark was washed up on the beach, or how the fish died.

The Environment Agency is tasked with investigating reports of marine life and seaweed washed up along coastlines across the UK.

According to the Marine Conservation Society, there are more than 400 known species of shark in the world.

More than 40 of these, including some of the largest and fastest, can be found living in or visiting UK waters.

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