'Augmented reality' players from Sussex set to take sport to the next level

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Hado is an "augmented reality" sport that has been gaining popularity across the globe over the last few years.

A team from Hove are now flying out to Tokyo this month for the World Championships - having been picked to represent the UK.

The four teenagers in team IDK are currently training before they fly out next week with coaches Chi Lee and Sasha Loo.

They last attended the competition four years ago - but came close to last. They're now, however, European champions.

"It's super exciting to be representing England," Chi said.

"It's another chance. The players have been really practicing, doing a lot of work. They're eating well, sleeping well, they're training well as a team.

"I think we've got quite a shot this time in Japan. I'm hoping to bring that title back."

"I went four years ago, back when I just started and it was actually amazing," IDK team captain Paris Lee said.

"There was a massive crowd, the atmosphere was amazing. I learned a lot of things as well.

"I am really excited to go back and show the Japanese teams what I've learned in the four years since - and show them that I can actually beat them now."

The sport combines augmented reality helmets and wrist computers with a game similar to dodgeball.

"I really have to give thanks to the creator of the game," coach Sasha Lee said.

"I don't know how he managed to turn something that he and I played with before on Streetfighter video games - the energy ball - and transform it into this game that's captivated all these kids.

"So it's quite physical but also gaming."

The Hado World Championships begin in Tokyo on Sunday, October 18.