UK train operators assessing how to 'prevent a spread' of bedbugs as surge in Paris continues

Bed bugs could make their way from Paris Credit: PA

Rail operators in the UK are looking into how to prevent the spread of bedbugs, following an infestation of the creatures in Paris.

Concerns have been raised that the critters could make their way to England, as the French capital has direct rail links to London.

Videos on social media have shown what appears to be the bugs hitching a ride across the French city on public transport seats and even reports of them being in Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Eurostar recently confirmed to ITV News that it is taking additional measures to stop the spread, including the use of hot-water injection and extraction cleaning, which has proven highly effective in eliminating bugs.

Until now other rail companies had not confirmed if they were taking action to stop the bugs, which live on soft furnishings, such as mattresses, bedding, clothes and suitcases.

A fully grown bed bug is around 5mm long. Credit: NHS England

All rail companies in England, Wales and Scotland are now looking into how they can prevent a spread, the Rail Delivery Group told ITV Meridian.

The body, which represents operators, stressed that train companies have 'expertise and experience' of deep cleaning, which was gained during the pandemic.

No infestations have been reported on England's rail network, and there have been no confirmed sightings of the bugs, including on TfL services.

A spokesperson for the Rail Delivery Group, said: “Train operators have the expertise and experience of deep cleaning gained during the pandemic.

"Many are assessing what they can do to prevent a spread, including increasing the frequency of cleaning the inside of carriages or using specialist cleaning equipment.

"They will always try to provide a clean and comfortable environment for passengers.”

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