The Oxford community divided by LTNs and why their fate will soon be sealed

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Rarely has anything divided opinion in Oxford than LTNs or Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

A scheme designed to increase walking and cycling by restricting vehicles that's been met with praise but also frustration.

Such is the level of anger, certain bollards have even been vandalised since they were introduced last year.

For Oxfordshire County Council, a crucial decision needs to be made, should they stay or go? On Tuesday residents will find out.

Protesters gathered in Broad Street, Oxford, in February 2023 Credit: ITV Meridian

Desperate for the traffic measure to remain in place is Zuhura Plummer from the pro-LTN group Oxford Liveable Streets said, "I would say they have been a massive success. We have seen a massive drop in air pollution.

"We have seen a big drop in accidents and collision inside the LTN's.

"Businesses are still thriving and we have data that shows the number of businesses that open and close in the Cowley Road is below the average."

The local authority has been recommended to continue with the physical barriers on residential streets but that's prompted protests.

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In two public consultations there were positive comments about the scheme, but often more negative ones particularly about congestion on the roads surrounding the LTNs.

Bus companies have also reported slower journey times impacting reliability and some businesses say they've noticed a drop in trade.

Patrick Clacy owns a bed shop and said, "I think things have got progressively worse. We've noticed the traffic has certainly become a more of an issue than it was even four or five months ago.

"The footfall is down. I had a customer in on Saturday who came in from near Farringdon and she said that she'd been thinking of coming in for a year and had simply put it off because Oxford traffic is so awful after the LTNs."