68 arrests and drugs, weapons, vehicles seized in South East police sting

68 arrests were made by nine police forces over a three-day period Credit: Surrey Police

Sixty-eight people have been arrested in a major police operation to tackle organised crime across the South East.

Nine police forces worked together to target criminals exploiting major road and rail networks to commit serious crime.

68 arrests were made over a three-day period.

Officers from Sussex, Thames Valley, Surrey, the Met, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and the British Transport Police participated in the operation.

Cash, drugs and weapons were seized as part of the operation Credit: Surrey Police

The operation also resulted in:

  • 26 weapons being seized

  • Over £9,000 in cash being seized

  • 51 vehicles being seized

  • 66 instances of drugs being seized

Detective Inspector James Ansell, who co-ordinated the operation, said: “Whilst we work across borders and share intelligence with neighbouring forces all year-round, this operation was an intensive effort to pursue some of the south-east’s most dangerous criminals.

"Organised crime groups exploit the most vulnerable and bring violence and misery to our communities, which is why putting a stop to serious and acquisitive crime is a priority we all share.

"Our work does not stop here, and criminals should know that we will relentlessly pursue them until they are brought to justice and our communities are safeguarded from their deplorable crimes.”

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