Cruise liner resumes sailing as search for crew member off Ramsgate 'unsuccessful'

The cruise ship AIDAperla has resumed its journey to Spain after a search for a missing crew member in the sea off Ramsgate, Kent, was unsuccessful.

In a statement, AIDA told ITV Meridian, "In the early morning of October 22, a male crew member of AIDAperla fell overboard.

"The captain and crew of AIDAperla immediately initiated all necessary rescue measures and participated in the search in close coordination with the local authorities."

A search for the missing crew member in the English Channel / Strait of Dover began yestrday morning (Sunday 22nd).

The AIDAperla was released from the search on Sunday night Credit: ITV Meridian

The MRCC Dover coordinated the search which involved a the RNLI, a helicopter and AIDAperla, but it was stood down last night and the cruise ship resumed its journey.

"Unfortunately, the search has so far been unsuccessful. AIDAperla was released from the search operation by the MRCC Dover after dark at around 6:15pm and resumedits journey towards La Coruña."

The ship is expected to arrive at its destination at around 9am tomorrow (Tuesday 24th).

"At this difficult time, our thoughts are with the family of the missing person and his colleagues. In addition, we are in close contact with his family and the AIDAperla crew."