Hampshire mum feels like 'luckiest person on earth' after double kidney transplant

Cerian Munn
Cerian Munn enjoys family time with her husband Stewart and daughter Scarlett Credit: ITV Meridian

A young transplant patient from Hampshire who was given two kidneys says her new life is a "miracle" and she will never be able to thank her donor's family enough.

Cerian Munn from Botley was diagnosed with severe kidney problems at the age of 23 following a routine eye test which identified that she had unusually high blood pressure.

Further investigations then identified that her kidneys were only working at 8 per cent of the level they should have done. An incredibly difficult few years followed.

"I thought I'm not going to live much longer," said Cerian.

"I was really really close to not making it and didn't even realize how sick I was."

"I had six months until my wedding. I couldn't have children. I couldn't work full time. I was just too tired to go out.

"I was very, very depressed, very low."

Before her diagnosis Cerian didn't realise how poorly she was - she only had 8 per cent kidney function Credit: Family photo

But all that changed after she underwent surgery after just six months on the transplant list.

She became the fifth patient at Portsmouth Queen Alexandra Hospital to be given two kidneys at the same time - and says she'll be forever indebted to her donor's family.

"Unfortunately I do know that my donor was a child that died," she said. "My heart just went out to that family, I don't know how they made that decision in that moment but if they hadn't have done that I wouldn't be here so I have nothing but thanks for what they did for me."

"It's nothing short of a miracle for me. I'm the luckiest person on earth."

Once she started to recover Cerian said she couldn't believe how well she felt.

"I was feeling completely normal, healthy, young and great and just so excited with this health that I'd been given back. I went back to work, I could eat and drink whatever I wanted."

Cerian went on to have two children and now has a five year old son and two year old daughter. She counts herself as incredibly fortunate. She never had to undergo dialysis and she says because she has two kidneys that will grow with her they should last longer than a standard transplant.

Cerian Munn feared she would never become a mum. Credit: Family photo

There are currently more than 7,000 people in the UK waiting for organs - the highest level in a decade.

That's despite a change in the law in May 2020 that means it's now presumed we want to donate when we die - rather than having to opt in by signing the donor register.

But Cerian - from Hampshire - is urging people to sign up to the national donor register anyway, so their wishes are crystal clear to their loved ones.

  • Cerian Munn says people should still register on the organ donor register

Last year, more than a thousand families declined to donate their loved one's organs and many were those who died without discussing their wishes with their families.

"Signing the register only takes a couple of minutes and then everyone knows exactly what your wishes are - how you want to proceed," said Cerian.

"Your intentions are completely clear."

"And if you can put yourself forward you could totally change someone's life."

Click here to register your decision

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