Drivers forced to abandon cars in floodwater as firefighters issue warnings

Two cars were abandoned at Bexhill's Westcourt Dive

Urgent warnings are being issued by firefighters who've been called out to rescue a number of people trapped in flooded cars.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said it had been deployed to at least six incidents over the weekend.

They warned drivers not to breach safety cordons or ignore Flood warning signs.

Pictures in Bexhill show several vehicles trapped in deep flood water at Westcourt Drive and Cooden Sea Road.

A car stuck under the bridge at Cooden Beach station

A spokesman said "It is clear a number of roads are dangerously flooded due to the heavy rainfall. We would ask that you avoid travelling if possible, and do not assume that you will be safe because you are familiar with the roads.

"Please do not drive through flood water - even if you know the roads! We are being called to a number of weather related incidents."

Flooded cars have prompted further warnings from the fire service

In a statement the service said it had been forced to deploy resources to several incidents on Saturday Nov 4:

"The latest took place at Scrappers Hill Chiddingly.

"We were called at 6.52pm to reports of a person trapped in a car which was filling up with water.

"They were safely reached by crews and first aid was given at the scene.

Cars trapped at Cooden Beach Road

Earlier today we had the following incidents:

  • Called at 12.15 to Richmond Avenue, Bexhill to reports of 3 people in a car under a bridge. All persons were able to get out of the car safely.

  • Called at 1.11pm to North Street in Alfriston, where a car had got stuck in water. A tractor had been able to reach a person in car prior to the arrival of crews.

  • At 12.50 crews found a car stuck in water on Friday Street in Stone Cross while returning from another call.

  • Called at 1.47pm to Cooden Sea Road, Cooden - the driver managed to get to safety. Crews put cordons in place.

  • Called at 2.56pm to Westcourt Drive, Bexhill to reports of two cars in water under a bridge. Crews confirmed no-one was inside.

Although Storm Ciaran had largely eased, there were still flooding issues at various locations near the Hampden Park area of Eastbourne, with firefighters pumping out water on King's Drive and Tugwell Road