Chris Eubank Sr's nephew takes centre stage for Brighton boxing match

Harlem Eubank (left) celebrates beating Ishmael Ellis after their Super Lightweight bout at Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh. Credit: PA images

Boxing star Chris Eubank Senior's nephew Harlem will take centre stage tonight in Brighton 32 years since his uncle defended his world title in exactly the same spot. 

Chris Eubank Senior will be ringside having joined his nephew's management team three weeks ago.

They teamed up following the death of Chris's brother and Harlem's father former boxer Simon Eubank.

Chris Eubank Senior said: "I'm backing him. It's not just that he lost his father, I lost my brother. I'm now his surrogate dad. I'm going to do everything for him that I did for Junior. Which is to highlight his brilliance.

"It's destined to have him by my side, I'm looking forward to this next stage of my career with him side-by-side marching into big fights in the division."

The split also followed a very public falling out between father and son Chris Eubank Senior and Junior.

Chris Eubank Senior was his son's coach for many years until they fell out and Junior got a new team behind him.

The rift came to a head as Eubank Jr and Benn were set to fight in a clash that continued the legacy of their dads in the early 1990s.

The fight represents their fathers' fights which captivated boxing fans across the globe. 

Despite the fight having been already agreed, Chris Eubank Sr publicly expressed concerns in September over his son coming down to the agreed catchweight. At one point threatening to pull Eubank Jr out of the fight.

Instead, Eubank Sr would like his nephew Harlem take on Nigel Benn's son if he wins tonight's bout with Germany's Timo Schwarzkopf.

Chris Jr has previously been quoted saying he 'learnt from the best' but wishes sometimes Chris Sr was 'just a dad, not a mentor or coach'.

  • Chris Eubank Sr has swapped allegiances between his son and nephew

Talking of his nephew's ability, Chris said: "His skill is fascinating. You know how hard it is to move around that ring and beat another man who doesn't want to be tamed.

"He's going to do it beautifully and sweetly. He's then going to do the same thing that I did to his father, Nigel Benn, to his son."

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