'Keep Campsfield closed' - Protest to keep immigration centre near Oxford shut ahead of reopening

  • Video: The Coalition to Keep Campsfield Closed.

Around 50 protesters have gathered outside an immigration removal centre near Oxford which is set to reopen under government plans.

Campsfield House in Kidlington closed in 2018 but is due to reopen later this year with increased capacity.

The demonstration was organised by the Coalition to Keep Campsfield Closed and Oxford Student Action for Refugees.

One of the organisers, Bill MacKeith, said: "No planning application has been received for new buildings at Campafield, and the Supreme Court has declared the Rwanda deportations plan to be not legal.

"Now is the time for the government to return to the reform policy in force before 2022: detain fewer people under immigration law, for shorter periods, and look at community-based alternatives to detention.

"Two such pilot schemes have been shown to be more humane, quicker and cheaper than detention. They should be rolled out country-wide, and detention centres should be closed."

The Home Office says the site will house 400 men who are foreign nationals liable for removal from the UK and foreign offenders.