The teen snooker star hoping to follow in Luke Littler's footsteps

Penny Silvester spoke to 18 year-old Mason Wilson from Basingstoke and his coach Trevor Thorn.

When Mason Wilson is not at college, he's at the snooker table, and his sights are set on the Amateur World Championships in Albania.

"I want to be a professional before I'm 21," he says. "Going to Albania is a key to that because if I win, I get a two year Tour card."

Inspired by the heroics of 16-year-old darts sensation Luke Littler, Mason is convinced age is no barrier to being successful. You just have to put in the hours- and have the talent of course.

Mason's gran bought him his first table

He earned his County colours playing pool when he was nine. When his nan bought his first snooker table, his dad decided  he needed a coach.

"When I didn't have a coach, I was scrappy, I didn't hold the cue properly," he says.

"I was leaning to one side. Every since I've had Trevor he's brought me into line."

Trevor is at Mason's side today, giving instructions; "Don't forget to pause before you strike. Don't look at the pocket, strike through." 

"The grip of the cue shouldn't be too tight or loose. Your head has to be very still. A sturdy stance is very important."

Mason hopes to do for snooker what Luke Littler has done for darts Credit: PA

Mason juggles his engineering studies at Basingstoke College with hours of practice at the town's Academy snooker hall, or here at the Crucible in Newbury.

And he's about to face the best amateur players in the world.

"They're all players who would make a 100 breaks but it is also very much about when you're in trouble and there's a 'messy table to be able to clear up with a 40 break when you're 30 behind."

"Going into the tournament you've got to keep your mindset as playing the table not your opponent.

"If you start worrying about what your opponent is going to do, that's when your game starts to drop."

Watch this space. As Luke Littler has proved, dreams do come true.