Sussex woman completes challenge to make a whistle everyday for a year

  • ITV News Meridian's Malcolm Shaw went to meet Emma at her home

An artist from Lewes in Sussex has made a tiny whistle from clay every day for a year.

Emma Carlow's creations started when a friend in a pottery class she runs challenged her to make a whistle every morning for 365 days. 

Ms Carlow has completed the challenge making sure every whistle has a different design.  

She said: “I think you can pack a lot into a tiny thing, and the fact that it makes a whistle, is quite impertinent in a way but also joyful.

“When I’ve taught people how to make them, they light up when they blow them because, obviously you’ve made it make that sound, which is quite magical really. 

She added: “I thought what would that be like to make a whistle every day for a year?

"What would happen?

"How would my whistle-making improve? 

“So I thought, well there’s no harm in starting and pretty soon I really enjoyed it and it’s a nice way to start the day really.” 

The collection of her creative whistles Credit: ITV News Meridian

Ms Carlow's collection won a place at the Royal Academy Exhibition last summer. 

Speaking about the whistle sound, she said: “It’s all about the airflow into the barrel of the whistle and as the air comes into the barrel you have to split the stream of air to create the sound. 

“So it’s learning how to cut that bit that takes a bit of expertise but not much.” 

Her New Year's Resolution is to make more whistles throughout 2024.  

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