Shoreham couple's four year fight to unblock mains sewage

WATCH: ITV Meridian's report by Charlotte Wilkins

For four years, a couple from Shoreham have been battling Southern Water to fix a problem with a mains sewage pipe to their property.

It transpired that the property, belonging to Christine and Paul Jeffrey wasn't connected to the main sewer and Southern Water had been sending a tanker down to syphon away the waste, something the couple were unaware of when they bought the property.

But during lockdown in 2020, when the tanker failed to turn up, sewage then started backing up in to their home.

Since then they say they've been constantly given the run around by Southern Water to resolve the issue.

After countless emails, calls,  investigations carried out and the promise of a pump to divert the waste in to a main sewer, it’s still not fixed.

Paul said: "They treat us so badly. We’re customers but we’re not important to them. "

Christine added: "This was supposed to be our dream home. Now it's our nightmare."

In a statement Southern Water said:

"We’re sorry Mr And Mrs Jeffrey are suffering such inconvenience and that our contractor failed to attend an appointment. All our assets in the area are working properly but we will continue to work with them until the issue is resolved.  "

The couple have to dispose of their waste water outside instead of down their drains

Christine and Paul can’t let any waste water go down their kitchen sink as it comes back up the pipes and floods the cupboards.

They have to limit washing clothes once a week and on a 15 minute cycle. They can only bath in two inches of water.