Winchester Cathedral Choir helps 'set the tone' of Grammy award winning Star Wars video game music

  • ITV News Meridian's Siri Hampapur has been speaking to the group

Winchester Cathedral Choir have featured in music which has won an award at the world-famous Grammys.Stephen Barton, a former chorister himself, chose the choristers for their ethereal vocals to help set the tone of the latest Star Wars video game.

The music for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor then went on to win the Grammy award for best video game soundtrack.

Winchester Cathedral's Director of Music, Andrew Lumsden said: "It’s amazing.

"We had known we’d been nominated for about two or three months but everybody was a bit nervous about what was going to happen on the night.

"Lo and behold it’s all happened so we're just really happy and thrilled and immensely grateful to Stephen Barton to be part of that project."

The Winchester Choristers re-created the Beatles image on their way to Abbey Road studios. Credit: Emma Short and Camilla Coope

The choristers travelled to Abbey Road studios to record the score, which is where the music for the original Star Wars films was recorded.

Chorister, Adam said: "It was a great event, being there for the day.

"It was really cool because we were in the opposite studio to the Beatles - so that was a great moment.”

Another chorister, Sam added: "We’re quite lucky that we did get to go there in our first year because not many people do get to record a Grammy award-winning soundtrack in their first year of being a chorister."

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Stephen Barton was a former student at Pilgrims' School where the choristers board to study music.

He got the boys involved as he knew their vocals would set the spiritual and ethereal tones needed for the soundtrack.

He thanked them in his acceptance speech, saying: "Very finally, a special moment for me on this, we had the Winchester Choristers come and record on this.

"It reminded me about music teachers being the most important thing - so I dedicate this to mine. Thank you so so much."

His former teacher and vocal coach at Pilgrims School, Hilary Jones said: "We're very proud of him.

"There’s no doubt about it when you speak to him because I spoke to him just a few months ago. He’s just music music all the time.

"He enjoyed his time here as you can see with the involvement of the choristers in the wonderful Grammy award that they’ve now achieved is wonderful news."

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