Clever fox steals RSPCA rescuer's phone in Surrey and runs off with it

  • Credit: RSPCA.

A curious fox picked up an RSPCA officer's phone and ran off with it during a rescue in Surrey.

Ben Fitzcosta set down his phone to film the rescue of the injured animal but when he stepped back, the animal approached his camera for a good sniff before picking it up and running into the bushes with it.

The RSPCA worker said he had to jog to keep up with the playful fox and then got his phone back.

The animal was eventually rescued and is currently being treated at the Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue in Windlesham.

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Ben Fitzcosta said: "There were actually two foxes in the woodland, someone called the RSPCA to report that one of them was injured. I set up my phone to film and as I was preparing to catch the fox with food and a grasper he ran up, sniffed the phone and ran off with it!

"It did make my day to be honest, the video is very funny. I’m glad I got my phone back - I had to jog to catch up with him as I knew he’d dump it in a bush somewhere!

"I did find the injured fox and managed to rescue her, she is now being treated at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue as she has an inflamed leg from an old injury. Hopefully she will make a full recovery."

Recent figures from the Mammal Society suggest the number of foxes living in Britain is around 357,000.

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